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CMTWIN32 Download Page

Site last update: 08 Jul 01, Latest CMTWIN version: 1.13

CMTWIN32 is a 32 bit Windows (Windows 95 and higher) program that will calculate and print a comet ephemeris that includes RA, DEC, Alt, AZ, estimated brightness, etc. It also has limited graphics capability to display the comet postion/track in RA/DEC or Alt/Az.

The program is supplied as a self-extracting ZIP file called COMET.EXE. Download the COMET.EXE file to a folder you have created and run the COMET.EXE file. The files required to create a full working copy CMTWIN32 will be extracted and decompressed into that folder. To run CMTWIN32 just double click on the CMTWIN32.EXE file.

The program and associated files are relatively small and kept in one folder. CMTWIN32 may be freely copied and distributed.

The contents of the README.TXT file included with the download are at the bottom of this page-it will answer most of your questions.

Click here to download CMTWIN32 (757 KB)

The CMT_EPHM.EXE utility will allow the user to download the comet orbital elements from the Observable Comets web page and convert those downloaded elements into the CMTWIN32 format.

After saving the comet orbital elements in ASCII format with the file name COMET.TXT, load the file into a text editor (such as NOTEPAD) to make sure the file is "clean" (no extra characters, blank lines, etc.). Be extra careful to make sure there are no blank lines at the end of the file. Then save the comet element file in the same folder as CMT_EPHM.EXE and run CMT_EPHM.EXE. A comet data file compatible with CMTWIN32 will be created (CMTEPHEM.DAT) that can be loaded directly into CMTWIN32. CMT_EPHM may be freely copied and distributed.

Click here to download CMT_EPHM (47 KB)

The following text is included in the CMTWIN32 download (COMET.EXE) in the README.TXT file. If you have any questions about CMTWIN32 before downloading you will probably find the answers here.

CMTWIN32 Instructions                              07 Jul 01
CMTWIN32 is a 32-bit Windows based program and must be run
from Windows 95, Windows 98 or higher.

The program, CMTWIN32.EXE, needs a total of 4 files to
operate.  They are:

* CMTWIN32.EXE:  This is the actual executable file that is
the CMTWIN32 program.

* CMTEPHEM.DAT:  This is a plain ordinary ASCII file and it
contains all the comet orbital elements needed to predict
the comet position and brightness.  You can edit and change
this file to suit your needs.  You can add, delete, or
update comet orbital elements.  Details on the format of
this file are contained in the beginning of the file.  Just
load into an ASCII editor (such as NOTEPAD) and read the
instructions or edit.

If you used the previous version of this software
(CMTWIN.EXE) this file is EXACTLY the same.  You can use
your old file with this new software.

* CMTEPHEM.INI:  This file contains the latitude and
longitude (in decimal form) of the observing location.
Initially it contains the location of the authors site.
This file can be missing and a new one will be generated.
When you change the lat & lon in the program input screen
the new lat & lon will be saved automatically in this file
upon quitting the program.

This file is also EXACTLY the same as the one used in the
previous version of the software (CMTWIN.EXE) so you can
just use this file too.

* MSVBVM60.DLL:  This file is required by the CMTWIN32.EXE
program to run.  Many commercial programs install this
same file so you may already have this file in your
WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory.  If you already have it there
is no need to load this copy onto your hard drive - you
can just forget it.

To install the CMTWIN32 program just create a new
folder (call it what you want-CMTWIN32 would be an
obvious choice) and copy all of the above 4 files to that
folder.  The MSVBVM60.DLL file can be put in your
WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder if you want but it doesn't have to go
there.  If you don't put the MSVBVM60.DLL file in your
WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder it MUST be kept in the same
folder as the other CMTWIN32 program files.

To run the program in Windows or Win95/98 select "START" and
"RUN" and then, using "Browse," go to the folder you created
above and double-click on CMTWIN32.EXE.  It will run.  You
can also locate the file using Windows Explorer and double
click on the program in the file list.  You can make it more
accessible by making a shortcut on your desktop.

If you don't want the program on your system any more just
delete the four files (and the folder you created) listed
above and it will be gone-no messy Windows install or
uninstall with files scattered all over your hard drive.

There is not any robust error checking in the program so
things like a printer that is not on when the print option
is selected will cause the program to crash.  I'll fix this
stuff as time permits.  A missing CMTEPHEM.DAT file will
also cause problems.

The main reason the alt/az plotting is present is to help in
planning the best time to observe when the comet is highest
above the horizon.

This program has been used very extensively and I know of no
bugs.  If you do find one please let me know and I'll try to
get it fixed.

Other than that, I think the program is pretty much